Bolshoy Ice Dome Photos

Bolshoy Ice Dome. Photo courtesy of SIC Mostovik.

Bolshoy Ice Dome. Photo courtesy of SIC Mostovik.

Mostovik, the architects behind the Bolshoy Ice Dome, designed the 12,000 hockey venue to resembles a Russian Faberge egg. After the Games, the facility will become an modern multifunctional sport, concert and entertainment center.

“The Bolshoi Ice Dome is shaped and even the patterns of its exterior resemble the precious Easter gift of the Russian Tsars family. Approved by the Olympics committee, those sketches became the starting point for our project. The main theme found its interpretations in a clear geometric ellipsoid shape and in a system of exterior built in LEDs that may color the building into Faberge-like patterns or any other patterns, or leave it blank and pure.”

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